Boston Vegetarian Food Festival: What I Could Stomach, That Is

Yesterday Max and I went to the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. Next year, I think we’ll pass.

The venue was packed to capacity, and the crowds were pushy and rude. I had envisioned a laid-back and friendly atmosphere, but the swarms of people crawling down Tremont Street, and the already filled to capacity parking lot at the Reggie Lewis Center should have clued me in to the madness inside the Festival. James asked if there was an entrance fee, which I think is an excellent suggestion for the BVS to consider for future events. Raise money for a good cause or two, and maybe trim the freeloading throngs just a little, and I’d be willing to give the Festival another chance.

Immediately after entering the hall, I heard the people staffing the Larabar booth plead with onlookers to only take one of each flavor. Rather sad commentary on our society that a crowd of healthy-seeming, mostly middle class appearing adults feel the need to push past one another to grab handfuls of free samples. Whole Foods gave away large, paper grocery bags near the front doors and it seemed the majority of attendees were there to pack as much free shit as they could into their already overstuffed bags. (For the record, my own haul consisted of a trick-or-treat sized chocolate Larabar, and a sample tube of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste.)

The vendors and organizations we were able to talk with were mostly super friendly, which almost made up for the push-and-shove of the crowds. Max prompted more than a couple of smiling people to dart out from their table and hand him a lollipop or other sweet. When we reached The Boston Vegan Association, to my embarrassment Max reached over and helped himself to a finger-full of icing from a BVA decorated cupcake. The combination of letters and frosting was too much of a temptation for him to ignore. So, if anyone reading imagines me forcing sprouted lentils and steamed tempeh on my toddler, rest assured that he receives plenty of fat and sugar in his not-so standard American diet.

Next stop: Disneyland. Since our renovations have been delayed once again, we’re going to California to worship the Mouse. But not until December.


10 responses to “Boston Vegetarian Food Festival: What I Could Stomach, That Is

  1. That boy is adorableness incarnate. I think he and the Rugrat should have an arranged meeting in 15 years or so. Imagine the beautiful grandbabies they would make.

  2. I love the look in his eyes…like one bite of the cupcake than back to the orange lollipop…

  3. Man, don’t get between people and free food. You don’t want to loose a hand or anything.

    Max: SUCH cuteness!!

  4. He is supremely cute!!! I love that picture. A little candy, a little cake…good times!

    Have you never been to a food-centric festival before? They will trample you for a cracker.

    Also, you’re blogging – YAY!

  5. I’ve been kind of out of it between work and family stuff, but I am SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU BACK, SISTER!!!

    So glad.

    Really, really, really glad.


  6. Thanks for linking to us! I hope Max enjoyed our cupcake. 🙂

    Too bad so many people had similar reactions to the festival. I will touch base with Evelyn to see if next year will bring with it any changes.

    All the best,

    Eric Prescott
    Director, co-founder
    The Boston Vegan Association

  7. Why didn’t you tell me you were writing again??!!!!

    I’m so excited!!

  8. I had to laugh, quite full bellied, at your remarks about our LARABAR booth. Yes, the three of us were quite exhausted after repeatedly telling folks to only take 2 bars. It is sad to say that most people looked at the opportunity as a free shopping spree.

    We had a wonderful time, but we wish that we had a chance to enjoy time well spent with the compassionate nibblers that were a minority among the crowd.

    Enjoy life, enjoy LARABARs and live pure and simple.

    ps (your little guy is a cutie)

  9. I definitely took a cute photo of your little boy! He was playing with my cookbook promo, so I couldn’t resist grabbing a shot of him. I’d be happy to email it to you! I couldn’t find your email address, so feel free to email me if you’d like the photo.

  10. The hair…the beautiful blue eyes…the fistfuls of sugar…


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