Wild Dingoes Stole My Blogging Voice

So, this Mom Voyage thing is fucking boring, isn’t it? I’m not really sure how to write in a way that is less personal, and yet more informative. My guard is up, which makes for wimpy writing.

I’m still trying to figure out how to maintain a travel blog while not actively traveling. Thoughts?

Stick with me. I’ll figure this out. Or I’ll join the insanity of trying to write a novel in November again.


11 responses to “Wild Dingoes Stole My Blogging Voice

  1. Maybe you can do a couple of interviews of bloggers and their travels (favorite or least favorite)?

    A couple of months ago, the ladies in my little corner of this blog market did a “virtual tour” and provided a tour of our home town/country and many were surprised with how different some things are compared to how really the same they can be.

    Just some thoughts; however blogging is no different then being a collector: write what you know/like.

  2. Welcome back. You’ve been missed.

  3. I’m sorry your guard is up, man. Effing effers.

  4. Sucks when people put you on edge dosent it?

  5. write about past travel?

  6. I’m sure glad you’re back!

    I must have missed what’s put your guard up. But I know about those kinds of things that get your guard up….I hope you’re able to find a style that feels comfortable to you.

  7. If it is any comfort what actually inspired me to start writing a blog is when you deleted yours. Living in the Bible Belt and being a teacher always made me feel like I would have to censor myself but I realized that if things get weird or uncomfortable I could just delete it. Being semi-anonymous helps (I’m sure someone motivated—but who would be—could figure it out) with my comfort level as well.

    Oh, and I love your photographs! I want to get a nicer camera soon.

    PS I love A Cry in the Dark..

  8. Also, I am glad you are back as I really enjoy your writing style and perspective.

  9. For me it’s a treat just to enjoy how you use the english language, since – as you know – it’s not my natural way of communication. I am very far from masterring it, but I fell in love with it at an early age.

    Do you remember giving me a collection of short stories/essays by David Sedaris, years ago in Malmö? I never thanked you enough for that one! He is one of my idols today.

  10. How about writing about where you’d like to be, especially on a very trying day? You could pretend you’re there and make up some richly detailed stories for us. Daydream travel…..sounds good to me!

  11. I’m with what a mixture of people say up above: Mix it up with a bit of travel remembrances, planning updates, road food, maybe even interviews with other bloggers or friends who have traveled recently…that sort of thing. When you’re not able to post on the more personal part of it, that variety is what keeps it rich.

    Quite frankly, I’ve been thinking about escaping to Southern Spain lately, just soaking up some sun, orange trees, and flamenco.

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