Max Has Been There, Done That

A few people have questioned my sanity after hearing that I’m driving cross-country in December with my son. But Max has already been there, done that.

In December of 2004, when he was only four months-old–and never sleeping more than two hours at a stretch– James, Max and I embarked on a whirlwind trip to Vegas along the northern route, swinging into Canada, and back down to Chicago, and over through Iowa, Wyoming, Utah, and Northern Nevada before heading south to Las Vegas.

On the return, we stopped for a quick peek at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon one evening at sunset. I am rocking the PPD in this image. Guess what irrational fears I was consumed with as James snapped the shot?


3 responses to “Max Has Been There, Done That

  1. Dude, I am not currently rocking the PPD, nor am I actually standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon, and I am totally consumed with those fears. I almost shouted “step away from that railing, young lady” when I saw the photo, even though I know it is three years later.

    You are a brave woman.

  2. Your my idol. We are heading to yellowstone from Maryland and everyone thinks we are crazy to be bringing our 2 toddlers. I can’t wait and think they’ll do fine. Or so I think.

  3. Oh my word. I see the fear in your eyes and I totally share it, even knowing that it was ages ago and you and your boy obviously didn’t fall.

    Side note: The existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre once wrote that the fear of falling off a precipice is actually the fear of throwing yourself off. I think that holds true!

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