Love Stinks

This morning Max asked me

Mom, can we go to Starbucks? And just sit together?

So I took him to Starbucks.

Once inside, he sat down across from me, sucked down his chocolate milk and said

Mom, why do you love me?

I explained why, and he seemed to accept my answer. Curious, I then asked

Max, why do you love me?

Immediately a huge grin spread across his face and he replied

Because you FART!


9 responses to “Love Stinks

  1. LOL. Kids will be kids. I love their honesty and innocence.

  2. I’ll try to think of something to say when I stop laughing!

  3. I absolutely adore this story. Did you fall off your chair?

  4. Love you, love Max, love wind.

  5. Hilarious!! That Max, finding new ways to charm us everyday šŸ˜‰ You guys are so cute!

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  7. Priceless. Mine loves me more than mustard sandwiches. Now THAT is an achievement.

  8. That’s absolutely hilarious.

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