More Norge, Less Content

For Alison, who commented below that she wants to go to Norway now. Go!

And in case Norge is not your urge, perhaps Turks and Caicos?

Or Nevada?


10 responses to “More Norge, Less Content

  1. Yikes, way to sneak in some graphic animal porn!!

  2. Wow, that last picture is really something after you’ve had a couple of cups of strong coffee…

  3. Ah, to live in the land of free love and donkeys.

  4. I can’t believe you made me look at that!

  5. men are all the same.

  6. (kidding!)

  7. Oh how you torture me.

    But I’m glad to see the donkeys were having a good time.

  8. Ha ha ha ha. Oh, that was good.

  9. Good as in a good joke. (I realized that could totally be misinterpreted…)

  10. gives new meaning to “get the fuck off me”.

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