Tucumkarrie tonight!

Get your kicks.

Largest Cross in the world, Groom, Texas.

We made it to Tucumcari, New Mexico today. Tucumcari is the gateway to New Mexico, about an hour’s drive from the border with Texas, and billboards announcing Tucumcari tonight! begin to appear on the side of the road just outside of Oklahoma City. Tucumcari is a sleepy town, at least this time of the year. Lines of people streaming out of the local Post Office were complaining about the cold. There were small patches of melting snow here and there, but wiith temperatures in the 50s, we promptly stripped to our undies and cruised around town with the windows open and mariachi music blaring.

Actually, we tried to go to the Mesalands Dinosaur Museumbut since it is closed on Mondays, we drove around trying to find a playground, and found the Tucumcari Historical Museum instead. With several outbuildings, a chuck wagon, a caboose visitors can walk through, and an ancient airplane the museum was a fascinating place to spend an hour poking around.

Finally, this sign made me laugh. If you look closely, the name of the pharmacy is a variation of our name.


5 responses to “Tucumkarrie tonight!

  1. Wow. These photos are GORGEOUS. Especially the one with the cross. Niiiiice.

  2. I LOVE that you’re driving on Route 66. It looks like you’re having an amazing time. Keep having fun!!

  3. I’m jealous!!! You guys are seeing the country, having a blast, and don’t have to deal with the mountains of snow here in Boston.

    That tourist trap thing is so funny 🙂 That’s how they should strap people into the duck boats!!

    Keep the pics and updates coming!!

  4. I really hope you get to see Las Vegas, NM (pronounced Los Vegas, I think). Not much there, but when I was there in 1995 it was a gorgeous little town.

    But the No. 1 prettiest locale was Los Alamos. So tragic they had to build rockets-n-bombs there ‘cos it’s one of the most scenic drives in all of the southwest. Espanola is beautiful too.

    If I had to do it all over again, I’d just skip Albuquerque completely. Christ, what a ghetto.

  5. Your pictures bring back so many memories for me! I’ve traveled that same route many times…we’d leave Kansas, head south, make a right turn at Texas, and travel through the desert for hours and hours until we reached my hometown of Twentynine Palms, California. I have yet to make the journey with my kids, we fly for the sake of convenience, but your trip has renewed my interest in car travel!

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