Girls Got Film

New Mexico, and particularly the drive into Taos are so incredibly beautiful that I find myself at a loss for words, grinning like a fool, with my suitcase stuffed with real estate brochures, dried red chiles and pinon wood.

Yes, I took this while driving, hence the smudgey windshield.


The Pilot needs a bath.

Taos churches. Yes, I’m still an atheist, however, there is something to be said for the simple beauty of crosses pointed towards a painfully blue sky.

While driving out to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridgethis afternoon, I looked out my window to see plumes of smoke rising from the area near the Taos municipal airport. A nervous flier with an overactive imagination, I snapped a couple of pictures as several firetrucks rocketed past me, into the horizon, followed by a pair of ambulances. So far, there has been nothing on the local news or online, so I’m not sure this was a crash. However, while I was taking more pictures of the moon rise, a professional photographer setting up his gear in the direction of the fire mentioned that he thought a small plane had crashed. I was unable to get close enough to see wreckage of any kind, and my Canon Rebel lacks the goods–or I lack the knowledge–to get a detailed shot from a great distance.

What do you think?

This looks like a runway to the right.

As we made our way back to the hotel, we passed another mishap. Luckily no one seemed to have been injured.

And just because, a few pictures I snapped when leaving Tucumcari this morning.

The Blue Swallow Hotel, which is currently closed for renovations, so the sign was not lit during our time in Tucumcari.

Crazy vehicle and cactus in the adjacent lot.


10 responses to “Girls Got Film

  1. Sigh. Yes, NM is gorgeous. I visited a friend in Santa Fe and almost asked if I could set up residence on her couch.

    And the moonrise- I have those too! Lovely.

    How did you do with the altitude? My asthma wasn’t too bad, probably because of the trade off with clean air. But I did find that one beer made me verrrry tingly!

  2. Great shots, and you got to see some of our best snow in a year or so. Nice post.

  3. New Mexico is gorgeous. I loved Taos. Went skiing at Angel Fire years and years ago when my dad was still living. A dear friend lived in Albequrque for years and she still misses it.

    Looks like you are having a wonderful trip, minus the whole creepy-motel incident.

    Loving the pics!

  4. Gurl, you were supposed to drive EAST not WEST. Gah!

  5. Now you are killing me! So beautiful. I am home with a snot-nosed little baby (seriously she is sick) and bare trees and realizing I really am not going to Mexico for Christmas this year!!

    Boo hoo poor me. But rock on. Awesome trip!!!

  6. I camped overnight at the bottom of the Gorge in Oct. 1995. I’m not sure which was worse — the cold or the fact that I was surrounded by blooming rabbit and goldenrod brush. I had to take about 5 allergy pills just so I could see to drive the next day.

    Oh and I knocked over a rich guy’s gleaming Harley Davidson coming out of a coffee shop in Taos. Gawd, I could have been bludgeoned to death by an enraged Yuppie.

    But, yes, it is very, VERY pretty. The whole Four Corners area looks that way, including where I worked in southern Colorado in 2003.

  7. This sounds like an amazing trip! If you will make it as far as Portland Oregon, I’d love to meet you and show you around, especially Powells.

  8. What do you think? It’s very simple! Your pictures are fantastic how the place. When I saw the “motel picture” I think “hey, it’s like the american’s telefilm … ” and I’m doing a smile … ops … sorry a big smile 🙂

    Bye bye from Italy 🙂

  9. hi there. I love NM, have lived here all my 46 years minus one.

    Great pics.

  10. Gorgeous pics! Those last few reminded me of the movie “Cars.” lol

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