Photographs. All I’ve got is photographs.

I am so tired that I just bent down to pet an invisible kitty/green fleece jacket curled up on the chair next to me. Lots of driving and wandering today, and not enough sleep.

Painted Desert.

Wigwam Motel.

The Mother Road. Indeed.


7 responses to “Photographs. All I’ve got is photographs.

  1. Max is so TALL. Has he grown on this trip? Will you return to Boston with a small giant on your hands?

    Get some sleep.

  2. Now I’m going to have that 10,000 Maniacs song in my head all day.

    “The stars were so many there; they seemed to overlap…”

    How I envy you this trip!

  3. Thanks thor, I hadn’t even made the connection. Hmmm…I need to find that cd and put it on my computer…:)

    Seriously, it’s amazing how much the movie Cars captures a lot of what you’re posting here. I have a new appreciation for it.

    Loved the pictures of the pueblo too. I forgot my camera when we went, and still need to get copies from my coworker.

  4. Gorgeous!

    (You know, I’m READING every day, but not commenting every day.)

    Are you really swinging back through this area?

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Love the desert! Looooove the vintage cars!!! You must be having a blast.

  6. You picked a good time to do I-40. They had a massive 80 car pileup today near Amarillo.

    Love your pics! Happy travels, Vicki

  7. Oh, you are still killing me. Beautiful! I went to a smaller painted desert in OR but does not compare. I spent a lot of time in the desert in grad school and miss it terribly…

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