Jackass Acres

Found by taking a random exit in Arizona yesterday, hoping for a restroom.

As we neared the border between Arizona and Nevada, we spent two hours waiting to cross the Hoover Dam. Two damn hours in a Hoover Dam traffic jam. A few cars ahead of us, a woman who was at least 15 months pregnant kept hopping out and dropping trou to pee next to her car. She looked so embarrassed. Poor thing.

Max and his cousins–two girls who are 3 and 5–have been racing around like identical mischeivous blond triplets. The resemblance between these three children is uncanny: similar features, expressions and activity levels. Look out, Las Vegas!


6 responses to “Jackass Acres

  1. Please god, let us not get stuck in a traffic jam on our way to Monterey next week, or I will be that lady…

  2. OMG, that poor lady!!!!!!

    Noah is in hysterics over Jack Ass farm. In fact, he is building his own with Lincoln Logs. You are such a good influence 😉

    Glad Max is having fun w/his cousins!!!

  3. I’ve been on that dam! What a fun post this is. Thanks for sharing your photos and telling such funny stories. 🙂

  4. I surprised Karrie by flying out to Vegas for a couple days, so I could be there for Max’s Christmas morning, and to see all the people I love in one place.

    I think Jackass Acres rocks. Do they sell time shares? 🙂

  5. I would kill to relocate my inlaws to Jackass Acres. It would be TOO perfect. Hope you had a merry merry!

  6. Seriously. What Mrs. Chicken said about in-laws. I am so down with that re: mine.

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