Checked out of the Hotel California

Change of plans: we left California this morning, a week earlier than originally planned and have checked into at a kitschy hotel with a space age theme, overgrown palm trees and a lot of character. Remember: if an itinerary or other aspects of a trip are making you miserable, cut your losses. Vacations should not be stressful. Eat a dozen vegan donuts, poke sticks in rattlesnake holes, get dirt under your fingernails and jump on the bed if it makes you happy. You only live once.

On a totally unrelated note, my outgoing e-mail is completely fucked and I have been unable to reply to messages. Also, I have a sunburn. In late December.

Beam me up.Grunty and I are having far too much fun tonight teasing Max about aliens.

My purple slips were abducted by an alien life form earlier this evening.


6 responses to “Checked out of the Hotel California

  1. ok, that is SOOOO teh awesome, there are no words….

  2. Man that place looks cool.

  3. ah the glory of Gila Bend, vacation destination of the stars….uh literally

  4. You’re totally right to go with the moment, especially on a long trip with a kid. That hotel looks sweet! A would love such a weird place.

  5. How awesome!!!! My kids are totally jealous.

  6. That hotel looks like a lot of fun. I’m doing a lot of catch up reading here, and I am very jealous of your trip.

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