Ocean Pacific

Max on the beach in San Diego a few days ago. Taken with an iPhone, so the quality could be better.

There were three guys in wet-suits surfing in the distance. Max was imitating their moves.

Prickly pear in Tecolote Canyon.

The first silly souvenir I have bought for myself this trip.


6 responses to “Ocean Pacific

  1. the colours are fantastic in the beach shots. So how did chris kringle find you if you’re in Calleforneeyuh?

  2. the above comment was made by Lala in her heretofore unknown persona of lalaloo.

  3. I think the picture quality is pretty good. Max must be having a wonderful time. Personally, I’m a big fan of coffee mugs as souvenirs. I use them all the time and thus think about my trips.

  4. Hope you Max and Grunty have a fab. time welcoming in the New Year.

  5. Kids make the beach fun! When you can look at vast amounts of cute in the gorgeous surf, then you don’t have to pay attention to the sand in your nooks and crannies!

    Sweet mug 🙂

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