A White Sands New Year

I fucking love New Mexico. Earlier this morning I was planning the next leg of our trip and it broke my hard little heart to search for accommodations in Texas. I fucking hate Texas, or rather I hate what little I have driven through previously.

Earlier today we drove to White Sands.

The White Sands gift shop was doing a brisk trade selling thin plastic snow saucers to slide on the sand for $12.98 each. Max would rather roll on down the dunes anyway.

And ring in the New Year with a hotel pizza party.

Happy New Year!


9 responses to “A White Sands New Year

  1. oh man, he is so cute

  2. I could not agree more: I fucking love New Mexico, and I fucking hate Texas. (No offense to our Texas friends, of course. But, seriously, what’s with your state?)

  3. Happy New Year to you too! Lovely photos. I love what little I’ve seen of New Mexico.

  4. When I moved to OR from TN my two favorite places were White Sands and the Gila National Forest both in NM. Sigh. Once again very jealous! Thanks for sharing the beautiful shots as always.

  5. Wonderful photos! Thanks for keeping in touch. 🙂 Those sand dunes look so lovely!

  6. My two favorite states – AZ and NM, and I am a card carrying Texan. lol! Sadly though, all the great TX places are not easily found off major roadways. 😉 I hope your second passing is better than the first. If you swing by Austin, say hello! 🙂

  7. I am so jealous.

    Julian, who is currently asleep, would be jealous if he were awake and could read (pizza in bed? white sand dunes in the sun? staying in a hotel for longer than 6 nights? What more could a three year old ask for?)

  8. Happy New Year 🙂

  9. I also love New Mexico! Thanks for these great photos you amazing travel mom!

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