How Do You Like My Swamp Now


We drove the Overseas Highway to Key West this morning, and indulged in some decidedly non-vegan key lime pie–tried but could not find any, and personal ethics be damned, I was too curious not to nibble– from the Blond Giraffe.Someone please make and sell vegan key lime pie so I can indulge without feeling like a guilty hypocrite.

Afterwards, we drove past the Hemingway cat museum and decided to keep on driving as there were several tour groups of very elderly folks crowding the sidewalks and snapping shots of the maniacal roosters and chickens that rule the streets of Key West. Key West is not without charm, but it is largely manufactured and ye olde strip malle-ish.

Forgetting completely to take our picture next to the marker which denotes the southernmost part of the continental United States, we drove back up the Keys towards Bahia Honda State Park, and whiled away the afternoon swimming in the clear turquoise water, chasing more butterflies and sipping pink lemonade.

Bahia Honda was very reasonably priced, and also hosts an RV park. If I have one regret about this trip so far it is that we did not bring our tent to use in Florida and the Southwest. In addition to spending more money on decent, yet bland,accommodations, we have missed out on the opportunity to be closer to nature, and spend more time outdoors.

The Overseas Highway in the background.

Grunty–my mom– and Max.

The old Overseas Railroad bridgeat Bahia Honda.


7 responses to “How Do You Like My Swamp Now

  1. man look at that SKY.

  2. I have never made key lime pie, but now I want to figure out how to make a vegan one. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

  3. Um…is it just me or is that railroad bridge just an accident waiting to happen?

  4. When we talked that night, Max told me all about the broken train bridge. He was really concerned about it as well, Adrienne. 🙂

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Smart boy, that Max.

  6. Actually, you did not miss anything by neglecting to take a picture of the marker because the actual southern-most part of the US is on the big island of Hawaii. The claim that it is in Florida is not true.

    Anyway, lies be damned, the pie picture is making me drool and I totally want to go to the Hemingway cat museum. That sounds awesome and I hope you were not exaggerating and it really exists.

  7. That key lime looks mighty tasty. The new Feb/Mar issue of BUST magazine has a section about new vegan cookbooks. Probably everything you already know, but maybe one with a little slice o’ heaven.

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