In My Mind, I’m Going To Carolina

Money is running low, fatigue has set in and we’re preparing to drive north to Boston after a few more days of fun and sun on the beaches of Florida. Every day I still stop and think Holy shit! What have I done? Am I insane? I suspect that I’ll still be processing this whirlwind itinerary for weeks and months to come, and while home sounds good right now, part of me is already mourning the end of this trip.

So,while Max and Grunty fill the room with snores I am comparison shopping tents and still more tents, drooling with envy over Lazy Daze floor plans,scrounging change to buy more Florida Lotto tickets, and of course, planning our next trip.


4 responses to “In My Mind, I’m Going To Carolina

  1. Email me and I’ll give you my digits if you’re coming through the Atlanta area.


  2. Ditto the Oneonta area.

  3. If you are traveling on I95, you will miss me, but if for some reason you are headed my way, let me know.


  4. Are you going to use 95 or 81? Email me. 😛

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