Who Turned Off The Lights?

While driving Max to preschool this morning, it dawned on me that the reason I want to chase a month’s worth of Wellbutrin with several pounds of rotini is not because I am a depressive sloth by nature. Rather New England is ruled by an evil troll who dims the lights every November and refuses to turn them up again until sometime in May.  Even at high noon on a mid-winter day, with the sun at full power, it shines like a 15 watt lightbulb pulled from the depths of a dollar store bin.

This lack of exposure to quality light has a trickle down effect that causes some people to slouch, grimace and hide under purple chenille throws while sipping gallons of raspberry Earl Grey tea.

Publishers that put anthologies on hold indefinitely might also shoulder some blame.

Who else?

2 responses to “Who Turned Off The Lights?

  1. My moods have been absolutely adolescent in their swings lately. I keep telling myself “it’s the light it’s the light it’s the light” but it wears on a person.

  2. Hmmm, maybe I *don’t* need that bottle of Zoloft in my underwear drawer? I’ll just pack up the kidlets and head south while Adam’s in India. I think the sunshine would do me some good.

    I’ll have to see if i can find it but Adam once fund some sort of stat that claimed our town got the least amount of sunshine all yr long in MA.

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