Come Swim In Our Garden

I think these container gardens arranged in in plastic wading pools might be the balm for my urban gardening woes. Since our neighbor is concerned that a roof-deck will somehow devalue her property and create more noise, my dream of a rooftop vegetable garden was shelved. Until now!

Since I cannot have Max with me up on the roof weeding wading pools, and I have concerns about soil pollutants in our neighborhood,I’m going to try and find a few smaller plastic pools and line the side of our house with strawberries.

The used tire gardens on the same site as the wading pool gardens, also look like an interesting idea.

6 responses to “Come Swim In Our Garden

  1. Plastic pools are probably cheaper than Earthboxes ( I do believe), but Earthboxes are pretty damn cool for things that need deeper root systems than pools can provide, like corn.

  2. Those are really cool! Thanks Heather!

    I stayed up far too late last night looking for interesting things to grow 🙂

  3. I used an old claw foot tub, but only because we had the room and I definitely needed something that wouldn’t blow away, even filled with dirt.

    Keep in mind, the first year you may not get much fruit. Something I didn’t learn until I complained about it.

    I’m going to try planting some tomatoes in hanging baskets in a way so they grow from the bottom. That would be another space saver for you.

  4. I think your neighbor is crazy. How could a garden possibly create noise (plants are rather quiet). And landscaping of any kind tends to INCREASE property value.

  5. I want a garden this year but am not feeling inspired. The dogs would destroy anything in my back yard and my crabby, uptight neighbors might complain about the front. Maybe I’ll get motivated to do something on the side as well.

    I had a hippie boyfriend who grew potatoes in tires in college. Piled tires would probably piss your neighbor off sufficiently 🙂

  6. Your neighbor is a maniac who has no understanding of valuing real estate. Just saying…

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