Vegan Hater

Can the person who keeps visiting from the search string “I hate vegans” explain themselves?

Did some mean-spirited vegan tofu bomb your car? Dump soymilk in your coffee while you were not looking? Join you for dinner at a steakhouse and only order salad? Hand over a cruelty free lipbalm when your lips were chapped? Fill us in.

If you’re going to be filled with hate, other people’s dietary preferences seem an odd place to direct that emotion. Sure, I understand there are vegans with strong opinions with which you might disagree, but why the hate?


17 responses to “Vegan Hater

  1. Maybe they mean, “I hate vulcans”?

    Which, if you think about it, makes just as little sense.

  2. Damn tofu-munchers!

    That is too funny – I hope whoever it is comes out and explains themselves. 🙂

  3. oh, i give up. it makes no sense. unless the idea of NOT eating cheese is offensive to their tender sensibilities…

  4. well I mean, really. Vegans are such kind, vegetable loving people.

    Maybe a carrot learned to type?

  5. Maybe you have a health conscious cannibal with a typo problem and what they are really trying to find is the website “I Ate Vegans.” Which is altogether more terrifying than simply hating vegans.

  6. HAhahahahah Flutter! A carrot learned to type.

  7. Sorry…that was me fucking with you. 🙂

    I’ve met some truly offensive vegans before….but that’s mostly because of the gas. Beano made it better….

  8. Maybe it’s anthony bordain

  9. My vegan lip balm (spearmint flavored, with hemp oil!) is my favorite one, so it’s totally not me.

    This is like the person clicking on my blog who keeps searching for “pictures of fat chicks in bathing suits”

  10. I have a lot of friends who pick on me because I am vegan. They say I am too strident about it. I think they get mad because when I go out to eat with them I can never find anything I can eat on the menu and so I refuse to go. Everyone hates a purist.

  11. I’m a political masochist… for some reason I like to see what people who hate me for being vegan have to say about it. 🙂

  12. One thing I don’t like is when someone says something like “this makes me want a piece of bacon” things like this should be the basis for intelligence tests-statements like that. People totally disregard vegans’ arguments of truth and morallity and make statements like that. Man, that is annoying. The only reason it bothers me is because the animals they crave so much used to be alive and were treated really bad. These people are just too arrogant for me. I don’t like arguing with pea brains. Honestly, what bothers me the most is a person who eats meat but can’t face the fact that they are contributing to horrible suffering. I mean, man up, admit it. When I ate meat I atleast knew what I was doing and did it anyways because it was casual and commonplace to do it. But I knew. These people are dangerous in the piss drunk driver sense. I mean, it is sorry. Seriously, just sorry, trying to get a grown adult to admit that he/ she is wrong. Its a real simle argument you know, Its a fact that these animals suffer brutally, its a fact that you people would never want to be treated that way, its a fact that you are wrong. Its not so bad admitting you are wrong; just about all the people you guys make your hollow arguments against (vegans/vegetarians) have already admitted their wrongdoing and changed their behavior. As a finishing note I want to stress that I want people to change the way they think about meal time. I know that we have the wool pulled over our eyes and I just want to say thank you in advance to anybody who skips eating meat/dairy/eggs even at one meal for such a noble cause as this. So, thanks a lot. I know it is easy to go along and I also know that a lot of people are not interested in the needless suffering of others. Maybe they just haven’t realized it yet, I didn’t become a vegan till I was 24.

  13. urallpassiveaggressive

    I hate the way vegans stand on their soap boxes and try piss in the faces of the other 99.7% of humanity who don’t share their dietary choices

  14. urall passive aggressive. You probably just need someone to start a fight with. Some vegans come off as annoying but they are standing up for something you will never understand.

  15. Also, I would like to say that it is annoying seeing 5000 fast food commercials a day, none of which is vegetarian or vegan.

  16. This kid is why we hate vegans and vegetarians. Please go leave him a comment and tell him how wrong he is. I know him personally and can no longer stand him telling me I am wrong for eating meat

  17. If you want to know why most normal people don’t like vegans, just look at Eric’s posts.

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