Love the One You’re With

Since a Roadtrek RV is out of the question for now, I have transferred my gear lust to
this two room cabin tent.

This nylon giant is roomy enough that James could join us if he wanted to, and with the room dividers in place, Grunty could have her own spacious room, with plenty of extra space for Max to bring a few books and toys.

Now I just need to figure out how to balance my wanderlust with the desire to have a garden this summer.

ETA: Amazon’s Buy with one click button is evil. The tent is on its way.


9 responses to “Love the One You’re With

  1. We have a big roomy tent like that. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that when I camp alone with the girls, I can’t set it up by myself so we have to cram into a very small tent. 😦 Hoping to get a used pop-up in the next couple of years that I can assemble alone.

  2. ok that is really cool. If I camped I’d be all over that

  3. Ooh! Have fun with that. I understand that wanderlust, but I have no way to give in to it right now. *sigh*

  4. Congrats! Enjoy your new tent. Looks fun, fun, fun. For others, that is, the people who like camping, lol.

  5. Looks like a cozy tent , puts mine to shame looks like time for an upgrade !

  6. Do you have the off the ground cot yet? I LOVE mine especially for beach camping especially. Plus, if it is hot it is awesome for circulation of air….

  7. ohhhhhh… very fancy. I’m buying the $79.99 (with coupon March 24-30) Costco tent. I can’t justifiy purchasing another 250 dollar tent when I’m saving my pennies for an RV.

    Where’s your destination?

  8. We borrowed one like that… it was truly great.

  9. Fun! We have two smaller tents, which comes in handy with five people in the family. On our camping trips, someone is undoubtedly going to be pissed off at someone else eventually, so two tents is ideal! LOL!

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