Send Saltines

Even though the most interesting trip I’ve taken this week was to Costco, I woke up this morning with the unmistakeable eggy burp, roiling digestive system and transition-worthy labor pain that is giardia.

Couldn’t the little parasite have at least hitched a ride from contaminated mountainside spring and not the shopping cart handle that likely infected me? I suffered a severe bout in 2001, so it is possible that I’ve been carrying dormant cysts around with me since, but I find that unlikely.

If you have thus far been spared from intestinal parasites, pass on this one. It is beyond nasty.

8 responses to “Send Saltines

  1. oof, that’s nasty…feel better

  2. Painful and gross. Lovely combination. Feel better soon.

  3. My dogs get giardia but thankfully not me! 🙂

  4. No fun at all. Hope you’re better soon.

  5. OMG! I had giardia when I was pregnant with Ivy. And I picked up some Mexican hitchikers on my vacation and my doc is making me test for which species.

    Get Well Soon!

  6. blech… is shitty enough (pun intended) with the lithium shits…..

  7. Oh man! That bites! which is worse, the giardia or getting the flu from Matt Damon? You poor thing…get well soon!


  8. Rottencrotch through her pertty pink panties are over! ,

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