These Earthships in Taos are almost better than a Roadtrek.

I’m partial to this compound with it’s attention to detail, bottle art, indoor koi pond and streaming sunshine. The listing is a bit pricey, but the area where it is located is stunning, and the property also includes a beautiful guesthouse.

All part of my master plan to lure my husband out there for a visit where he will also become mesmerized by the piercing blue skies, incredible mountains and friendly, artsy, earthy vibe of Taos.

(Hopefully it is OK to copy a few pictures from the listing to share. There are several other beautiful properties in the area, but I adore this one.)

11 responses to “Groovy

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  2. oooohhhhh that inside shot is so gorgeous

  3. wow, awesome – that looks like the most comfortable place in the world

  4. Wow. Thats cool.

    Hey, we’re going to Las Vegas in 2 weeks and will have a car to venture around the state/neighboring states. Do you have any points of interest to share? Like within 2/3 hours from Las Vegas. We’re going to check out the Lost Museum, but thats all we;ve found besides the obvious hoover damn, red rock valley and the grand canyon.

  5. Hope it has a guest room for friendly blogging visitors.

  6. go for it! then we can all come and visit (that is why you chose the one with the guest house, right?)

  7. Earthships rock. I just love them!

  8. You will be picking me up, even though I am not on the way to Logan. If I can stay, I will earn my keep by watching the children and cooking vegan treats šŸ™‚

    Looks amazing!

  9. Ooooh that is beautiful!!!! We are taking a family vacation to AZ this summer – I am hoping we can make a trek to NM while we are over that way.

    If J won’t come and you want some company, call me up! lol!

  10. So beautiful. I cannot wait to head out west in June.

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