As I Procrastinated One Morning

I have to crank out 1500 words on the subject of Wystan’s work in the next couple of hours. So why am I reading Strollerderby and sipping my iced tea while staring out the windows of Bloc 11, eavesdropping on phone conversations about the details of dry-cleaning and watching people duck into doorways to escape the driving rain?

Beats me.

For Fighting Windmills, pictures of a few of my baby plants.

Time is watching from the shadow…..


5 responses to “As I Procrastinated One Morning

  1. Thank you so much. I can’t believe you elevated me to category status. *blush*

    Those shots are excellent! Seedlings are miracles (and I can clearly see why you were feeling bad about thinning them).

    Good luck with your essay!!!!

  2. Thanks!

    I often wonder exactly why it is that I chase after this ever elusive degree? I’d much rather spend my limited time alone reading, trying to polish my own writing,gardening, and lounging around my house with warm beverages, baking bread and contemplating my stretched out, linty navel. I think I need a few months off to reevaluate.

  3. The name of the first escapes me–it was a bulb/plat I bought already started, and I have close to 100 packets of seeds—but below are tomatoes, and Four O’Clocks.

    I have a wonderful bunch of heirloom Morning Glories which sprang to life yesterday, and a large shipment of peat pellets to start more vegetables next week.

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