If Dali Were Three

In the past few days, Max has suddenly began to draw and paint images that are very clearly what he claims they are supposed to be. So far his surrealist art includes a wolf with four eyes, and four V*AGINAS–who is not feeling well tonight; a hedgehog monster that poops a lot, the big, blue sun shining on a jellyfish and a p*enis, and just a few moments ago, a purple walking toast machine with one leg that does not bend.

11 responses to “If Dali Were Three

  1. Noticing the difference between girls and boys I see. Soooo funny.

  2. And the photographic (or scanned) evidence is where?

  3. That’s just made me spit out my coffee.

  4. Show me the paintings! SHOW ME THE PAINTINGS!

  5. I really need to see this artwork. Really 🙂

  6. Interesting!

    You should put his artwork up for prints on imagekind and pad his college fund 😀

  7. I want to see the four v8gin*s who is not feeling well tonight … you know, to compare them to the real thing.

  8. I think James took most of this run to work–I’ll see if he still has it.

  9. Hm, that sounds more like the church of the subgenius art than Dali. Are you sure he isn’t channeling Paul Mavrides or Ivan Stang?

  10. Wow. You leave the neighborhood for a while and the neighbors rebrand. Holy. Nice name (but then again I like all your various incarnations).

  11. That is hilarious! Wow four vaginas and not four penises. I think you’ve done an excellent job!

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