Free Night of Camping

If you’re down with KOA–I know, it’s kamping lite, but the playgrounds and clean restrooms are nice with kids–several locations are offering a free night of camping next weekend. I’m trying to decide between several participating locations in New England, to break in ournew tent.

Details here. You need to reserve an overnight stay for Friday, May 9th, and the following night,Saturday, May 10th, is included free. This is a fund-raising event to generate money for KOA Care Camps .

7 responses to “Free Night of Camping

  1. I say go to the one in CT. You can go over to the Mystic Aquarium one day and then hit the seaport the next. Plus, it’s likely to be a bit warmer there than on the Cape or further north.

  2. KOA Campgrounds are excellent places for family camping and introducing kids to camping. As the kids get older, you can venture into the woods. Also, there is nothing wrong with using KOA as where you stay on long trips. Usually cheaper than hotels.

  3. We’ve been wanting to try camping with our boys in a tent somewhere to see how it goes. It looks like the closest park with us with tent sites is in Corpus Christi – we were there last year for Mother’s Day, so maybe we’ll do it again. If it goes well, we could travel more if we could stay in tents. I just wish I could find a tent campground on the beach close to us.

  4. woohoo! Thanks. We were heading to a campground on the 17th so maybe we’ll do it both weekend. Thanks.

  5. I’ll make sure to tell Mr. PunditMom & PunditGirl. They are going on the school’s annual camping trip later this week, and I’m “sure” he’ll want to do more when they get back!

  6. i with him. KOA is best places for family camping and for kids entertainment

  7. Очень полезно

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