A photograph I snapped at last year’s Harborfest was selected to represent the event by the virtual guidebook Schmap!!.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not support the widget code used to link back to Schmap!!, so click here, squint a bit, and direct your eyes to the far right to see Bostonians waiting to enjoy a free concert, with my name credited beneath the image.

5 responses to “Schmapped!!

  1. So you use your full name for credit, not Mom Voyage, huh? I’ve always used jakesmome for internet based sites but for a book I’m still struggling as to use Jakesmome or my real name..which no one really knows. :/

    anyway…..Congrats! 🙂

  2. woohoo! Congratulations!

  3. Hey, that’s awesome! Rock on with your bad self.

  4. Sweet!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  5. Thanks for finally talking about >Schmapped!! | Mom Voyage <Loved it!

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