My Friday the 13th

Started out like this in Wingaersheek:

And ended up like this in Cambridge:

Both Max and I are fine, but the Pilot is seriously fucked. A young guy ran a stop sign, and plowed his even larger, heavier SUV into my driver’s side. At minimum the axle is gone and the brake line ruptured beyond the obvious cosmetic damage. (ETA: According to the insurance company, a broken axle can flag as totaled. More fun to follow.) My neck feels a bit odd, so hopefully I will not wake up tomorrow unable to walk–which happened when I was rear-ended almost 20 years ago– because walking is exactly what I’ll be doing for the next week or so.


15 responses to “My Friday the 13th

  1. OH no!! Hope you feel okay in the morning.

  2. I hope you are both ok. Men with large SUVs can kiss my ass.

  3. what flutter said. That SUCKS.

  4. Ouch! The former insurance adjuster and the recovering lawyer in me immediately did “A Google” to see if Mass is a no fault state. It is a quantitative no-fault state, which means you cannot sue until you have a certain amount of damages. So make sure you report this to your own insurance company. And if you are still sore a week from now, see your family doctor. If you are sore and stiff today, take some Aleve and rest rest rest (as much as max will allow, or better yet — hire a sitter!).

    Sorry cannot help giving assvice when it comes to auto accidents.

  5. I’m just glad you are OK, even if your Pilot will be on bedrest for a while.

  6. Glad you guys are okay; and hope the Pilot gets fixed soon. If your neck is feeling funny, please try to go have it checked out! Anything spinal-related makes me nervous!

  7. ah geeeeezzzzzreeeeeeee

  8. Glad you and Max are ok.

  9. ok, sorry, DH was logged in and I didn’t realize it until after I hit Submit. It was me 🙂

  10. Apparently that spot you got hit at is an accident vortex of sorts. Flipped over cars have been spotted at that exact location several times recently.

    Glad you and Max are ok.

  11. Thanks everyone!

    I have a large bump on the left side of my head that I did not notice at first. I think I bounced against the door/roof on impact.

    KKC: The police officer on the scene made a similar comment about cars flipped over along that same street.

    I’m mourning the Pilot, but it did it’s job. If I had been in a smaller vehicle,and lower to the ground I could have been seriously injured or worse since the other SUV would have crashed through the window and struck my head.

  12. I am so worried about being in my ‘regular’ Toyota because of all the big SUVs on the road. I’m glad you are okay.

    BTW, the beach looks beautiful. I am so jealous of that photo as it is where I want to be right now.

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