What Do You Mean?

Worn out from personal drama, the totaled Pilot and nearly four years of utter sleep deprivation,I needed to laugh-spit-dribble lukewarm coffee down the front of my six year-old Grand Circle Corporation Worldwide Business Works t-shirt this morning.

Political Picture - Dick Cheney
see more politics and fun!
Thanks toAlison for directing me to Pundit Kitchen.

3 responses to “What Do You Mean?

  1. I just realized that with NB coming in August I may not have a decent night’s sleep until 2010…

  2. Man, that is funny. Thanks for the laugh. I’ve been thinking about you and hope things are looking up in your world.

    The only funny offering I have is one of my 2 year olds locked us out of the house on Saturday. While she was inside. Without a diaper on. And she had been throwing up all morning. And I had just fed her some tacos because she insisted she was hungry for them.

    It turned out ok because one of my neighbors is a firefighter and came over with a ladder. Both my husband and nanny with the extra key were out of town. I can laugh about it now. Especially since I had just told my better half that we should hide a spare key outside since Tavi was having a great time figuring out the door knobs have “belly buttons” that turn.

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