How to Stay Up Late Reading on a Playroom Couch

I cannot say much more than Thank you, Theo, for writing your memoir.

On a semi-related note, why does UPS always deliver my Amazon prime orders in the evening after I’ve scrubbed my face clear of makeup, eaten a bunch of garlic and taken off my bra? While I’m far from glamorous normally, I’m embarrassed that they must associate my address as the one where a mother screams at her child to Stay right there!, runs down the stairs and throws open the door to reveal toxic breath, and sagging flappentitz swinging free under an ancient t-shirt above stained, holey yoga pants.



5 responses to “How to Stay Up Late Reading on a Playroom Couch

  1. flappentitz….how I know thee….

  2. Flappentitz. Ah yes.

    The UPS men have seen me in all of my clean-faced, braless, ratty t-shirt, frizzy haired glory, too. I like to think that they are forgiving people. I also like to think that, when I answer my door, I magically look like Gisele Bundchen 😉

  3. I know all about the flappentitz, too. Gah, when did that happen?

  4. OMG, flappentitz. I just choked on my drink.

    I hope you’re doing OK!

  5. For those of you with Amazon Prime memberships, here’s a good website to search for Amazon Prime eligible products:

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