A Meme From Missy

Hi Missy, and thanks for the tag. I’ve been a rather absent blogger and most days when I glance at Google reader, I shrug my shoulders, and mark all items as read. There are elephants in my writing room, and I don’t know how to tiptoe around them, so ennui and neglect win most of the time in favor of any passable content.

This post will be no exception.

Seven songs that are shaping my summer? OK, then.

The first song is my near constant companion while playing WordTwist on Facebook. The opening strains of Strange Way remind me of New Mexico. I want to gallop into the impossibly blue Taos sky, wave to the black dog guarding the pueblo and duck beneath the door to a sweet little adobe, where the smell of burning pinon mingles with strong coffee and sage. This ache is not soothed by the fact that I keep reading and re-reading Natalie Goldberg’s new guide to writing memoir,Old Friend From Far Away.

The next song is one I turn to again and again. How can you not want to slip into a morning from a Bogart movie or visit a country where they turn back time, when Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat begins to play?

Similarly, a few melancholy moments ofTime Passages reminds me as I glance at my ever-changing son, that years really do go falling in the fading light.

These are the three. I wish there were seven songs. Seven loud, raucous songs that spoke of days at the beach and good times on the road, but so far, it is not shaping up to be that sort of summer.

8 responses to “A Meme From Missy

  1. Those are very melancholy songs. I hope you’re okay.

  2. Those are kind of sad songs–but I like them.
    I almost included Kid Rock’s summer anthem, just because he lives in Ortonville, MI–but I’m not really into it.

  3. Let me know if you find an elephant handler, I could use a referral.

  4. UM: Hopefully you’re not suffering the same sort of elephant infestation. Mine is a doozy.

    I have not worked out how to write around an event so painful that it pops into my mind several times a day. Yet it is far to private to address even semi-publicly.

    ML: I’m sort of OK. Mostly OK.

    Thank FSM for the cheesy hits of my childhood and thank Trader Joe for his inexpensive wine selection.

  5. All that goes through my head are the songs from It’s a Big, Big World on PBS. Seriously, I am just now thinking “In the tree, or even in the pasture, a monkey travels faster than a sloth could ever dream…” or however it goes. Seriously, I need a life.

  6. Sorry about being sad right now, too.

  7. Al Stewart will be in town next Friday:

    Want to get a babysitter and go?

  8. MT: It’s Peep and The Big Wide World here. M has figured out how to search, so more often than not he stumbles on off color hiphop versions of same on YouTube.

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