WTF is wrong with MSNBC

For running a travel article promoting the Best hotels for an affair ?

And more specifically, what the fuck is wrong with the author, Danielle Pergament, for making light of wandering husbands and wives plotting their spouses deaths?

Built in 1845, it’s the kind of house you duck into, wearing a hat and maybe those short little gloves, to rush into your lover’s arms and plot your spouse’s untimely death.

Extramarital fun, my ass.

Most disturbingly, she seems from her website to be a serious journalist, with enviable clips. Why on earth would she need to stoop so low to garner attention and hits? There is nothing remotely cute or funny about infidelity, Danielle. Nothing.

I’d write more, but I’m not sure WordPress or your readers can handle the combination of expletives racing through my mind at the moment.

13 responses to “WTF is wrong with MSNBC

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  2. What? Insanity.

    What is with this whole thing right now – there was the country song “What Happens in Mexico stays in Mexico” about infidelity. People loved it. The same people – like my mother – who think unmarried sex is horrible and speak shamefully of actual people who’ve had actual affairs.

    I don’t get it. At all. I couldn’t even bring myself to read the whole thing.

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  4. It isn’t just MSNBC and this writer. The whole world finds infidelity amusing. Remember Bridges of Madison County?



    I don’t get it. And I applaud your outrage, and I share it.

  5. Thanks everyone.

    I forgot about BOMC–ugh! And of course, all the people blaming Elizabeth Edwards for staying with John, and not blowing his cover. Um, HELLO? She is dying and has small children. What do people expect?

    This is one of those things that probably seems cut and dry, and not a big deal, but without saying too much more, being betrayed like this hurts like nothing else. The people commenting on the piece on MSNBC nailed it. This is not about fun, no-strings attached sex, but rather an act that destroys families, hurts innocent children and yes, even damages the wandering spouse. And as was also mentioned, people DO murder one another and commit suicide over infidelity. My face hurts from smiling at how amusing it is to imagine others in that kind of pain. But hey, as long as the surroundings are beautiful, and the hotel staff is discreet, why not? @@

    I’m tempted to pitch the Best Places on Earth To Recover from Betrayal, or Ten Snappy Comebacks For People Who Ask Why You Stay With A Cheating Spouse.

    Really, this is such a painful thing to endure. I hope the author never finds herself on the receiving end of some extramarital fun.

  6. Duuude, wtf?

    The whole Edwards thing makes me ill. I wish people would not ask the wife how she feeeeels about the whole thing. She feels like shit, I’m sure. And if she stays, it’s because she’s strong, not because she’s weak.

  7. “Feels like shit” is a good start.

    For anyone reading who wonders what it feels like, stop and consider what you’re doing right now, other than reading this comment. Maybe you’re folding laundry or nursing a newborn or stealing a few minutes at your desk between a never ending to do list or paying bills and worrying about your checking account balance, when all of the sudden a freight trains takes you down at your knees when you find a debit from your account, or a pair of underwear that are not your own or a string of calls made from your husband’s cellphone to and from a mysterious number in the wee hours of the morning, and suddenly you know you’ve been lied to, cheated on and so on.

    Leaving will immediately cross your mind, I’m sure, but why should YOU leave? Why should your entire life be set asunder? Why should your children suffer because your husband’s dick went out for some extramarital fun? Your laundry left in uneven piles, your baby squalling for your breast, your boss calling to check on your presentation and remind you that you need to work late tonight and so someone else has to pick up your kids and on and on and on.

    Then throw in a diagnosis of incurable cancer and the shame and pain you feel being magnified 100x by media scrutiny, no matter what you do, should you stay or should you go, and then tell me again how you really feel about Elizabeth Edwards.

    I wish I could hug Elizabeth Edwards. Instead I friended her on Facebook. Best I could do. 🙂

    Oh and the freight train colliding with your knees? It continues to strike without warning, as you try to go on about your day. I cannot imagine how it must feel to know everything you thought about the life you built with your husband turn out to be a lie, AND to know you’re dying from a horrible disease AND will ultimately have little to no control over who raises your kids when you’re gone. Bad enough to have one horrible hand dealt at a time.

    But what’s really important is that we write pithy tongue-in-cheek articles helping would be cheaters plan their fun. @@

  8. I can only imagine going through the marital hell I’ve been juggling AND having cancer AND knowing I was dying.

    She’s strong by me by a landslide. I don’t know if I want to stay and I’m the CAUSE of half my problems.

  9. Well, apparently the author has no conscience. A member of another board I visit wrote to her with genuine concerns and received an incredibly rude and flip response in return. If I’m able to, I’ll post it here.

  10. Wow Karrie, what you said here in the comments is so well said. I applaud Elizabeth Edwards and can’t fathom how anyone can blame her.

    Infidelity is not something to joke about. There was a case, here, recently (I love our local courts and the crazy cases that come through them) where a husband killed someone he THOUGHT was having an affair with his wife, and he got off with a slap on his hand. Let’s talk about the number of lives ruined there.

    And I’m sorry, whatever the details, for what you may be going through personally. You are right – why should the innocent partner’s life be the one that has to change?

  11. The article was in bad taste – but did you see the picture of that bathroom at The Witchery?! ZOMG! Do want!

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