The Cat’s In The Bookshelf

In my son’s playroom…..

11 responses to “The Cat’s In The Bookshelf

  1. and it’s looks comfy!

  2. … little boy blue
    and the man in the moon…

  3. Cutest bookend EVER!!!!!

  4. At least he is earning his keep as a bookend.

  5. He is the best cat ever. Total mush, and so tolerant of anything M dishes his way.

  6. So very cute! I want to press my cheek into his fur. 🙂 I hope you and your son are well. I think of you all often.

  7. Thanks FW. We’re OK. Hanging in there and too busy for blogging most days. Hoping to be around more soon, once my Etsy shop is set.

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