Sharif Don’t Like It?

This morning, while driving to school in the rain, enjoying a hit of classic Clash, Max’s Ernie-esque giggle rose above the music as he chimed in with

……Rock the CAT’S BALLS….Rock the Cat’s balls!

When I pointed out the correct lyrics, and pleaded with him not to sing about feline testes in school, he began to wail…..

Sharif don’t like it…..Rock the cat’s paw! Rock the cat’s paw.

I warned his teacher that he was full of it this morning.

10 responses to “Sharif Don’t Like It?

  1. ROFL! he and Vivian would get along just fine….

  2. Oh man, that’s AWESOME!

    You should introduce him to some Captain Beefheart. Then he & Chloe can sing “bat chain PULLAH, pullah, pullahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” at the top of their 4 YO lungs. Good times I tell ya.

  3. I always thought it was “rock the cat’s butt” and even after I was corrected by hysterical parents, I refuse to change what I sing.

  4. Hilarious… I told 2 yr old Dylan this weekend to put his crocs on because it was time to go and he put his hands up and said,” SHOES WHERE ARE YOU?” Like they were going to answer him or appear out of thin air. He had this totally annoyed look on his face.

  5. I’ve never know the lyrics for that song, either. I like Max’s first version very much!


  6. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. By “correct lyrics,” you mean “rock the cash bar,” right?

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