Something for nothing

Well, almost nothing.

I’m offering free shipping worldwide, October 15th and 16th, on all listed items in my Etsy shop.

Sorry to be all viral spambot and add to the roaring din of self promotion on the internet. I noticed a few of you have marked items in my shop as a favorites, so wanted to give a heads up.


5 responses to “Something for nothing

  1. If shameless self-promotion is what it will take to get you to blog more, then please, promote yourself shamelessly…also, I really appreciate you letting us know about this and want to hear more.

  2. More? Well, I’m going to make some photo blocks later this week to have a ready to use art form for sale since I know matting and framing can be tiresome. And I’m considering holiday cards, if I can find something quirky for a subject. 🙂

    Mostly I’m trying not to buy this cool felt bag I just found on Try Handmade. I’m not even a bag person. Etsy is just dangerous for me.

    I’m going to force myself to post every day in November. I have a newish memoir guide from Natalie Goldberg, and I’m going to subject everyone to a daily dose taken from her prompts.

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  4. I also joined a new site today for artists and artisans called 1,000 Markets. My selection will vary a bit from Etsy, and the price points are higher. (In both instances I’m trying to stay within a range, and 1,000 Markets feels more upscale and a little less indie, so I do not want to under value my work.)

    Fingers crossed. 🙂

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