Twitter and the big yellow bus.

Quick post to let you know that I finally joined Twitter. Click here to follow me.

Also, today Max will ride a big yellow school bus for his first field trip. Some of you may remember how car seat safety obsessed I am, so my imagination is running wild with pictures of my son bouncing around in a bus, completely unrestrained as the bus collides with a tractor trailer truck or careens into the ocean or is abducted by aliens or something equally unlikely, statistically speaking.

Yes, I know buses are safe. But my imagination? Totally phobic dangerous place.


3 responses to “Twitter and the big yellow bus.

  1. I’m following. Because I’m a leming. And I wuv you.

  2. No Twitter here. I waste too much time on the internet already!

    My dad was a school bus driver for 27 years. Maybe a bad time to give details about how he would drive fast over the railroad tracks so whoever was in back would fly up in the air? Okay, he only did that when it was just me on the bus, or me and one of my friends. One time, I swear I hit my head on the ceiling (and laughed the whole time).

    It’s so scary handing your child’s safety over to anyone else. Ever. Soon, my daughter (she turns 13 in a few weeks) will be riding in cars with other teenage friends driving!

    Hope Max has fun on the field trip!

  3. There is only one sound that strikes fear in my heart: the sound of school bus chains dragging along the blacktop. I had a nervous breakdown the first day I put Ivy on the yellow dragon. Especially because I was at the wrong stop and the bus was more than 10 minutes late. I am always afraid I am going to miss the bus at her stop in the afternoons. If I hear on coming and I have not made it to the stop, I become the fear monster.

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