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As I Procrastinated One Morning

I have to crank out 1500 words on the subject of Wystan’s work in the next couple of hours. So why am I reading Strollerderby and sipping my iced tea while staring out the windows of Bloc 11, eavesdropping on phone conversations about the details of dry-cleaning and watching people duck into doorways to escape the driving rain?

Beats me.

For Fighting Windmills, pictures of a few of my baby plants.

Time is watching from the shadow…..

A Rambling Update

Sorry to be such an absent blogger and silent reader. I’ve been busy wrapping up the semester and all of my spare time and energy has been directed towards the garden. There are rather elaborate plans for the front and side yards, and the roof, as well as raising seedlings in every available sunlit spot in my kitchen and dining room. The soil in my existing buckets and yard has mostly thawed so I was able to plant a few early blooming flowers last week.

You know you’re a (crazy) mother when thinning seedlings makes you teary-eyed. I yanked a bunch of carefully nurtured cilantro and tomato infants and sent them to compost over the weekend. I felt so dirty afterwards.

Oh, and when I’m not obsessing over plants, I’ve been trying to get the accounting books for the comic book store up to date, and working on amending a couple of personal returns from previous years. I am decidedly not a numbers person, so morning meetings with our accountant have the effect of rendering me spent and useless for the remainder of the day. I think I am slowly getting the hang of things though.

Hope you’re all well! I’ll try and catch up on reading soon, and will write again once I take the new tent out for a spin or to share pictures of the gardens in progress.

Love the One You’re With

Since a Roadtrek RV is out of the question for now, I have transferred my gear lust to
this two room cabin tent.

This nylon giant is roomy enough that James could join us if he wanted to, and with the room dividers in place, Grunty could have her own spacious room, with plenty of extra space for Max to bring a few books and toys.

Now I just need to figure out how to balance my wanderlust with the desire to have a garden this summer.

ETA: Amazon’s Buy with one click button is evil. The tent is on its way.