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Zipcar Suggests I Go On A Diet

This morning I woke to find the following invitation/scolding from Zipcar:

Hi Karrie,

We know that you might be busy with work, errands or underwater macramé class Monday morning, but we wanted to invite you to the kick off of the Low Car Diet Boston at Back Bay Station.

In case you don’t know what LCD is, we’re essentially challenging a select group of new Zipsters to drive less and start walking, biking or T-ing more. Crazy, we know! But we feel very strongly about the concept of living as car-free as possible here in the very walkable city of Boston.

Why not come out and show your support of your fellow Zipsters. And of course, if you have a friend that hasn’t signed up for Zipcar yet, bring them out for a special half-off membership fee and have them use the refer a friend program to score $50 in driving credit.

Our laundry list of cool Low Car Diet partners (minus the fabric softener) includes Equinox Fitness, Whole Foods, MBTA, Boston Ski and Sports Club, New England Aquarium, Amtrak and vitaminwater.

The kick-off takes place at the Orange Line’s Back Bay Station at 10am and will last about 45 minutes.

See you Monday morning,

The team at Zipcar Boston

Hey Zipfucks!

Guess what? Almost none of the driving this “select” new member has done has been in the very walkable city of Boston. I joined Zipcar after my car was nearly totaled last month, and have used your vehicles to attend a wedding more than a hundred miles away in Walpole, NH, to visit a beach not easily accessible by public transportation, and twice to shuttle home several 44 pound boxes of cat litter and other necessary items for running a household full of pets and a local business, from Costco.

I challenge you to do those things car-free, with a 3 year-old.

(Crazy, I know!)

In the month since my car has been in the shop, I have used the MBTA several times to run errands in other parts of the city, to visit the Museum of Science with my son, and walked every place else– visiting friends, local restaurants, the grocery store, parks,our CSA pickup, the library and the circus on foot. My husband uses his membership primarily to run errands related to a retail business he operates in addition to a full time day job.

Save the patronizing low car diet bullshit for someone else.

(For the record, we do not live in Boston proper. We live in Somerville, in an almost suburban neighborhood with scattered bus stops, but without subway access. It is possible to run most of our everyday errands on foot, but we do need a car for the situations described above. )